Don’t worry about being too successful

I have had people tell me that they do not want to update their website or even get a website for their business because they do not want to get too much business.  They do not want to improve their online presence because they are worried that they will be too successful.

People are not lined up waiting for you to update your website

I hate to break the bad news to people, but that is not how websites work.  People are not lined up waiting for you to update your site.  More importantly, Google is not going to plaster your name all over the internet because you decided to get into the game.

A Website Doesn't Make You Money, it Saves You From Losing Money 

A good friend of mine is fond of saying that no one has ever made a nickel off their website.  It’s absolutely true.  Websites, and by extension, social media, do not generate income.

You have no idea how much money you have lost by not having a website.  I recently put up a website for a real estate attorney.  By any gauge, this guy is successful.  He did not have a website.  We put up a very basic website for him after explaining how you never know what you have lost by not having a site.

Within two months this attorney called me and said that the website worked just as I explained it to him.  Like most people, his business depends mostly on word-of-mouth referrals.  He received a call from a prospective client and was told that he received his name and number from a former client.  However, before he called, he wanted to check him out online.  He very quickly found the new website and read through the content.  Then he called.  How many times over the last several years did someone try to look for him online, and fail, and not call?  We will never know, but I guarantee that it has happened more than a few times.

Your Online Presence Sets You Up for Success

Your website, the content, and your social media is designed to put you in the best possible position to be found.  Most people focus on getting to the people who are just out there looking for someone at random.  If your website and your social media are handled properly, this will happen.  However, if you look at the Google Analytics for most websites, you will see that most visitors to your site are people who were looking for you specifically.  This mean that someone referred you to them, and they are checking up on you to see if you are legit.

If You Build It, and Nurter It, and Take Care of It, They Will Come

We all want to believe that they internet is a Field of Dreams and all you must do to get that flood of new clients is to build it.  Building your business takes work and there is no light switch to success.  It takes work and it takes time.  If you build a website, but the content is substandard, you are not going to be found.  Even worse, those that find you will think twice before calling since you website reflects your business.

Having a good website is just one part of the puzzle.  Being too successful is something that we all should have to worry about.  If your online presence is not up to snuff, then you will never have to worry about being successful.