Getting Bogged Down By Keywords

Keywords are Vital, but do not sacrifice quality for quantity


In the SEO world, people love to talk about keywords.  Keywords, they say, are the key to getting to the front page of Google.  The problem is that regardless of the industry, everyone is trying to stack the deck in their favor using the same keywords.


Do Not Focus on the Goal of Getting to the Front Page of Google


To further complicate things, most industries have those websites that are dominating the area.  If you are doing a general search for something in the legal field, you will get links to places like Findlaw, Justia, and Wikipedia.    The front page of Google consists of several Google Ads, the Maps section, which is mostly based on geography, about ten real search results, and then more ads.


You have a ton of people fighting over ten spaces on the front page of Google, more than half of which are taken by the monsters of the particular field you are searching for.


Find Your Niche.  SEO people now call this "Long Tail Keywords"  Cha-ching!


To get around the difficulty of keywords, and to inflate their already ridiculous prices, SEO companies have come up with the idea of long-tail keywords.  These are more descriptive phrases.  This is nothing all that new since long-tail keywords are just a new and fancy way of trying to find your niche or what makes you stand out from the crowd.


Marketing and Advertising people have been trying to figure that stuff out for decades.


Another issue with long-tail keywords is that you are now writing the site around those phrases. When  you write around phrases, instead of solid ideas, the content will sound extremely awkward.  A lot of SEO website people will sacrifice the basic rules of grammar to jam in a keyword or phrase for the fifth time.  Your content sounds like it should be read on one of those hour-long infomercials you find on television in the middle of the night.


Websites that Rank Well Use Natural Language and Proper Grammar


If you go to Google and do some searches, go to some of the sites you find on the first page.  You will see something very telling.  These sites do not sound like a television pitchman is screaming it.  The content you will find is well-written using natural language and proper grammar.


If you are writing a blog or a webpage related to Car Accidents on Long Island, there is no reason to repeat the phrase Long Island Car Accident Attorney five or six times.  If the content is properly written, those words and phrases will be scattered throughout the content quite naturally.


Successful Websites Also Use Headers and Subheaders Correctly


The key to keywords is not to get so wrapped up in the specific words but to have descriptive, professionally written content, and then those words will be there organically.  If you look at the websites that are ranking well, they also have something else in common.  They use headers to significant effect.  The title clearly defines what the page is about, the subheadings are descriptive, and the sections under each subheading are related to the subheader.


You can always tell if a site is written around keywords or if a website is written to convey information.  If you write intending to convey information that includes the reasons why you stand out in your field, then you can’t help but have your keywords and your long-tail keywords fill up your page.