How the Different Parts of Your Online Presence Work Together

You Online Presence is Designed to Drive Traffic


Your online presence includes everything that you do in the digital world.  Despite what people say the goal of your website or your social media is, the truth is that it is all designed to drive traffic.  Everything you do sets up the traffic cones to direct people to your business.


Let's take a look at a dartboard.  In the dart game called Cricket, you have to hit all of the numbers from 15 to 20, then hit the bullseye.  There is an order to things.  If you don't have the rules of the game, you are just throwing darts, and they land where they may.


Your online content and digital marketing is very much the same.  If you have no plan, you are just throwing darts.  Every once in awhile, you might hit something, but most of the time, you are going to miss.


Just as in Darts, You Want To Hit the Bull's Eye


There are several layers to a dartboard, just as there are several layers to your online presence. Let's start in the center and work our way out.  The center is the Bull's Eye, which is the ultimate goal.  The Bull's Eye represents your current customers.  


Just outside of the Bull's Eye is a second ring called the Outer Bull.  The Outer Bull is still a great place to be.  These are your contacts and prospects.  The Outer Bull are the people you have a relationship with, they either have the potential to become customers or they refer people to you.


How Your Website Fits into the Picture


The next ring represents a decent portion of the board, and extends from the Outer Bull to the ring in the center of the board.  That ring is called the Treble or the Triple Ring.  This area represents your website, and it is a significant portion of your online presence. 


The people who visit your website are the people who know who you are.   Other people who visit your site directly might not know you but found you through a Google search, a word-of-mouth referral, or through your digital advertising, such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads.


Social Media Covers the Largest Portion of the Board


The next portion of the dartboard is the largest part of the board, and that represents the people who have no idea who you are.  This is the part of the board covered by social media.  Your social media presence extends your reach from the center ring to the outer edge, or the Double Ring.  While the dartboard ends at this ring, your potential reach can extend out as far as you want it to go.  Through social media, you extend your range and get your message in front of people who do not know who you are.  Social media is your opportunity to introduce yourself and show that you are a leader in your field.


Your Social Media and Website Builds Recognition and Trust


Once they get to know you and your business, they will click through the next level:  your website.  Once there, they will see the website content and read your blog.  Your website content and blog are where you show your value and develop trust. 


Once you obtain your visitor's trust, they move closer into the Outer Bull, then it is just a matter of a little nudge, the final pitch, and you've hit the Bull's Eye.


Your Social Media, Website, and Digital Advertising All Work Together toward a Common Goal


Your online presence all works together for a common goal.  If you only have a website, you are missing out on the potential reach provided by social media.  If you just use social media, there is a significant gap between initial contact and conversion.  If you do not have a website, or even worse, your website is out-of-date, it becomes nearly impossible to gain trust.


To have a complete online presence that helps to generate traffic and potential sales, you need to cover the board entirely.  Boxer Media is now a complete online presence provider.  We cover all the bases and get you noticed.