Old School SEO Does Not Work

Before I started Boxer Media, I worked with one of my closest friends in the world at Stone Media Consulting.  Ruby and I go back further than either of us care to admit.  When she invited me to come on board, we discussed what it was that we did.  Most of what I did was in the area of Social Media Marketing.  We did some blog writing and Facebook ads.  Ruby is a Google Ads guru.  We each had our strengths.

We are not an SEO Company

One thing we were adamant about that we did NOT do was SEO.  To us, SEO was a shell game used by some companies to charge ridiculous sums of money to implement every trick in the book to try to hack the way Google did things to “get you on the front page of Google.”  The problem for SEO people is that Google is continuously changing how they do things, so whatever tricks the SEO people are doing will ultimately fail once Google gets wind of what the new SEO trends are.

We stayed very clear of SEO.

As Boxer Media came in to being, and I started to grow and adapt to the changing times, I expanded from the Social Media roots of Stone and Boxer.  I began to focus on writing blogs and website content.

Changes to Boxer Media - We are now a complete online presence provider

After much personal deliberation, I have decided it was time to expand again into the area of Website Design.  I have worked with many very talented web designers, and I continue to do so.   However, when it comes to writing and posting content and blogs, I tend to be very particular and decided that if I wanted to do things how I felt they needed to be done, then the best bet is to build the website myself.

Over the last several months, I have jumped into the deep end of the pool, and I have built websites on several of the popular platforms available, including Wix, Weebly, WordPress, Squarespace, and, in conjunction with Steve Gardner at 3rd Alternative, my preference: MotoCMS.

Our Philosophy when it comes to dealing with a company's Online Presence

While I have always contended that I do not work in the area of SEO, overtime SEO seemed to have found me.  My philosophy of Websites, SEO, and overall online presence is that you should never try to game the system.  As I have seen personally with clients who have used SEO companies, they are always on the verge of a breakthrough, then the rug is pulled out from under them when Google or Microsoft, owner of Bing, changes their algorithm., Then the SEO people just need a little more time and a little more money to get you to that allusive front page of Google.

Work with Google, not against them

If you stop working against Google and start to work with them and design your online presence in the way that Google expects to see it, and actually use the internet properly, you will find that your website, blog, and social media pages will be found so much easier by those who are looking for it, whether they know who you are or not.

When I say that SEO found me, it does not mean I caved in to the pressure of “doing SEO.”  It means that most of what Google and Microsoft like to see is based around the content that you provide on your website and social media pages.  We have come full circle and, once again, Content is King.

Read More when we post the next blog to see how Boxer Media handles your online presence.