The Difference Between Social Media and an Online Presence

You need a solid online presence before you can dive into Social Media

It is important to define some terms before we start to talk about Social Media and an Online Presence.  These are terms that some will think are interchangeable.  Social Media refers to something very specific.  When we talk about Social Media, we are talking about one of several platforms where ideas are presented. You are looking to start a conversation. At the least, you are hoping for some form of interaction such as a click on a link or an image or liking or following a page or a post.  A social media post is the most intimate form of online communication in that you post something hoping for an immediate reaction.  Social Media is a very small subset of the whole when we discuss someone’s Online Presence.

Online Presence is anything and everything that is digital from your domain name, including your website and email, social media, blogs, online shop, online sweepstakes, email blasts, digital advertising and any number of other things you can think of that lives on the internet.

Being a social media manager, we would focus on that limited aspect of your online presence.  However, if you don’t have several pieces in place, your social media is not going to have a strong impact.  We once described social media as the 4th domino.  In order for you to effectively knock over that 4th domino, you have to make sure the first 3 are lined up properly.

As a marketing company, we sit down to discuss what your goals are.  What can we do to help you advance your sales or reach? How can we utilize the power of the internet to grow your business and your brand?  If you jump right to social media, you are missing out on some of the most important aspects of not only online marketing, but some of the most important aspects of your overall presence.

When someone walks into the room and instantly commands the room and the audience, that person has incredible presence.  Does your online presence announce authority?  Are you telling people that you are the person that they need to buy their widgets from?  Or are you just one of the crowd?  No one ever recommended an average doctor.  No one cares to talk about their mediocre mechanic.  Just like the person who owns the room the second they walk in; your online presence has to announce that you are here, and you are ready to do business.