The New SEO - Mobility, Content, and Structure

When I say that I am very particular about how a website is set up, it doesn’t mean I like a specific style.  Frankly, style, colors, platforms, and themes are all irrelevant.  Your website and your content have to be formatted in a way that will allow Google and Microsoft to find your website, scan it, and know what you are all about.  Only then will they be able to add your web pages to the search results when specific keywords are put in the search engine.

Who Reads the Content?  Google Does, sorta.

When I write website content or a blog and send it to a client for approval, the most asked question I get is, “who is going to read all of that?”

The answer to that is three-fold.  First, if you have the content and have it appropriately formatted, then Google and Microsoft are going to read it.  That gets your web pages indexed.  Second, people who are searching for your product or service are going to find it, and they are going to read it to make sure you know what you are talking about.  Once they are confident in your credentials, they will call.  Third, your current customers and followers will read it.  You want your current followers to read it because most of your business is going to come from word-of-mouth, and as we have discussed, even a word-of-mouth referral is going to then look for you online before calling.  You better have something useful to show them, or the referral will not convert to a sale.

The Main Elements of Modern SEO are Mobility, Content, and Structure

SEO is not hard.  Actually, it is pretty straightforward.  Three main areas are vital for SEO.  First, your website needs to be mobile responsive.  That is an absolute necessity.  If your site is not mobile-ready, you might as well not even have a website.  Google only rates sites on mobile responsiveness.  They do not care about desktop any longer.  More than 80% of internet traffic is mobile.  You need to be mobile.  Did I mention mobile?

Second, your website needs to have good content.  Google and Microsoft want to see natural language.  You do not have to repeat your town and your field over and over continually.  When I see things like,  “call your Massapequa Widget Maker today since your Massapequa Widget Maker is the best Massapequa Widget Maker in Massapequa,” I cringe.   That Widget Maker spent a lot of money a long time ago and has probably not even looked at their site since it was put up.  If they did, they would want to hide their head in the sand, and rightfully so.

Third, your content needs to be appropriately formatted.  When your content is set right, the search engines will find you, know exactly what you do, and where you are located, and they will allow your site to be found easily.

Can You Get to the Front Page of Google?  Meh.

One note about getting on the front page of Google.  There are eight spots on the front page of Google.  Everyone and their mother are vying for those eight spots.  The “trick” is not to get to the front page.  The goal of SEO and your online presence is to set yourself up for success.  SEO people used to say that you can hide the dead bodied on page 2.  This is not the case any longer.  People are getting smarter and are no longer just clicking on the first link they see.  They are researching, and they are reading, and they are asking others for their opinion.

You could even be on (GASP) page 3, if you have great content, you will get the impressions and views, and the phone will start to ring.

Have a complete online presence begins with your Website

Your online presence begins with your website.  Boxer Media will help you do begin your digital journey by getting you online with a great website, then continue to bulk up your presence with a blog, additional content, and expand your reach with the part of the business that started it all: Social Media Marketing.