Social Media Marketing

Social Media is an Essential Part of Your Digital Marketing Plan

Not all Social Media is the same!

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are a significant part of your online presence.  People use social media to keep in touch with family, friends, and co-workers.   Social Media is also where most people get their news and information and where they ask friends for referrals for different products and services.


If people cannot find you on Social Media, they will find your competition.

A Social Media Presence Allows You to be Found Easier

Social Media is a vital part of your overall Marketing Plan.  If you are not using Social Media, then you are missing out on a significant portion of your audience who use different Social Media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram in their every day lives.  Social Media is a primary source of information, entertainment, staying in touch with friends, family, and co-workers.  Facebook and LinkedIn are also used by most people within your target audience to ask about, research, and find the goods and services they require in real life.


A quality social media presence helps your business in two ways.  Social Media supports the word-of-mouth referrals you will receive by giving people places to go and information to read so they know you are a leader in your field.  Your social media channels will also expand your presence and expose your name and reputation to those who have not yet heard of you but are looking online for your services.  A Marketing Campaign utilizing popular sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest gives you a level of legitimacy and exposure previous available only to much larger organizations with million dollar budgets and access to old-school Madison Avenue advertising agencies.


Boxer Media will manage your Social Media Marketing campaign with the expertise and skill seen at a big agency within a budget reasonable for small or mid-sized business.

Boxer Media will manage your Social Media Marketing campaign with the expertise and skill of a big agency at a price point acceptable to small and medium-sized businesses.

Have a Great Social Media Presence

Be A Thought Leader

Post information about your company and services and new blog posts and content that shows that you are a leader in your field.

Be Easily Found Online

Most people do research on social media.  If they do not find you, they will find someone else.  You have no way of know how  much business you lost by not being easily found.

Be Accessible

Social Media brings your message directly to people through a platform that allows them to feel as if they are personally connected to you and your brand.

Be Ready

Most business owners say that their biggesr referral source is "word-of-mouth."  Even with that sort of personal referral, if they cannot find you online, changes are they will not call.