Website Content

Well-written Website Content is Vital in Getting Your Website Seen by the Right People

Website Content Needs to be Well-Written and Properly Formatted

When was the last time you really took a look at your website?  Is your website's content telling people what they need to know about you, your company, your product or service?  If you website is a few years old, you would cringe if you actually read through your website.  Many people felt that to be found by the search engines, what people call Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, your website contnet had to repeat the same awkward phrase over and over again.


A few years ago, that might have been the best way to do things, but not today.  The old-school SEO tricks are no longer working, and if you website still has the content from that time, those tricks are actually hurting your chances of being seen by the big search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

We Don't Use Those Old SEO Tricks.  If your Content is Well-Written and On Point, the Search Engines Will Find You and Show you to the Right People

SEO companies would charge people thousands of dollars per month and promise to get them on to the front page of Google.  if anyone promises to get you to the front page, they are promising you something that cannot be guaranteed.  There are only a handful of spots on the first page of results on any search engine, and these companies are promising everyone the same thing.  How can that be?  Smoke and mirrors, mostly.  Since one of the biggest factors of search results is geography, if you search for yourself while you are sitting in your office, of course you are going to come up near the top.


The goal if website content is not to guarantee search result placement, bur rather to give you every advantage to make your page easier to find than the guy down the road.  This is done by having content that truely explains what you do and how you do it.  Websites utilizing the proper keywords, while still being written in real English helps the search engines know who to show your website to.

Content Needs To Be Properly Formatted To Be Effective

Havng great website content is not enough.  Content has to be formatted correctly.  We use the proper tools to ensure that your content is formatted properly.  The proper use of headers is vital.  How you format your sentences and paragraphs is also important.  Sentences should not be too long and each paragraph should have a purpose.


One of the most common questions we get is, "who is going to read all of this stuff?"  The answer is simple.  The search engines read it to know what your site is about, then your site can be shown to people who are searching for what you are writing about.  Once your website is in front of the right persoon, they will read it.  At least, they will read enough tto know that you know what your are doing and decide to call.


Check Your Website's Content

Put yourself into the shoes of a person who doesn't know who you are.  After reading the content on your site, would you call you?  Be honest with yourself.  If you weren't blown away by the content on your site, neither will anyone else.  Styles and best practices have changed drastically over the last few years and your website has to keep up with the times.  We enable your website to work for you in the most efficient and effective way possible

Boxer Media will create website content that will get your website noticed by the right people.  Well-written and properly formatted website content is a vital part of your overall online presence and digital marketing plan.  All for a price point acceptable to small and medium-sized businesses.

Have Great Website Content That is Properly Formatted

Be A Thought Leader

Provide information about your company and services and new blog posts and content that shows that you are a leader in your field.

Be Easily Found Online

Most people do research online.  If they do not find you, they will find someone else.  You have no way of know how  much business you lost by not being easily found.

Be Accessible

Your Website's Content brings your message directly to people through a platform that allows them to see that you are serious about business and a leader in your field.

Be Ready

Most business owners say that their biggesr referral source is "word-of-mouth."  Even with that sort of personal referral, if they cannot find you online, changes are they will not call.