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About Boxer Media

Founded in 2017 by Matthew Schuller, a veteran in marketing and advertising with an impressive 27-year track record, Boxer Media was born out of a desire to make superior digital marketing services accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

Matthew and the Boxer Media team understand that in the digital age, having a strong online presence is no longer just an option but a necessity. We're here to help businesses navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, ensuring they have all the tools necessary to succeed in today's competitive market.

Matthew Schuller is a 27-Year Veteran in the areas of Marketing and Advertising

Matthew Schuller, a seasoned advertising and digital marketing professional, founded Boxer Media, established in 2017. With a more than two-decades-long career, Matthew has a rich tapestry of experiences and skills, which he seamlessly merged to create Boxer Media. Initially focusing on social media marketing, Matthew pivoted Boxer Media to primarily offer web design services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the company’s repertoire of services did not dwindle, as Boxer Media continued to excel in social media marketing, blogging, Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, and monthly email blasts. Matthew also serves as a marketing consultant for many small and medium-sized businesses in New York and California.

Matthew’s dedication led to Boxer Media being recognized as one of Wix’s Top 100 Corporate Partners in early 2022 and once again in 2023. This recognition, which hinges on the quality and quantity of websites created, accorded him a senior-level account representative. With his Legend Partner status, the highest tier in Wix’s 5-level structure, Matthew enjoys priority access to technical support, among other perks.


Before establishing Boxer Media, Matthew’s career was a blend of crafting campaigns for major clients such as Blockbuster Video, Denny’s Restaurants, and Burger King, and excelling in the Information Technology domain, where he led a team managing the Directory Services Infrastructure for a global clientele. He was also a Novell Certified Engineer and was twice invited to Novell’s Advanced Technical Training.

Matthew’s also implemented a global disaster recovery platform for his Advertising Agency and earned the Certified Business Continuity Professional certification. After 20 years in the ad agency, he ventured into partnering with Deborah Ruby Stone at Stone Media, one of the first full-service social media marketing agencies, before founding Boxer Media. Matthew’s inspirations stem not only from his professional achievements but also from his family. He is happily married to Christine, a freelance Sign Language Interpreter, and is a proud father to William. The heartbeat of Boxer Media is encapsulated in its name, which is a tribute to Marvin, Matthew’s late deaf white Boxer, who holds a special place in his heart as the greatest dog in the world. The legacy continues with Maddi, a deaf Boxer-Pitt, who is a bundle of energy and joy. Through Boxer Media, Matthew Schuller continues transforming the digital landscape for small and medium-sized businesses, driven by a wealth of experience and a heart full of passion.

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We have been working in the field of marketing and advertising for over 25 years, and we bring that experience to you.

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Every business can benefit from high-quality content. Whether you need website content, a blog, or social media, we will get you noticed.

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