What we can do for you

We create custom high-quality content that will position you and your company as leaders in your field, will resonate with your audience, and give you the online presence you require to bring your business to the next level.

Social Media

Social Media is a vital part of your overall Marketing Plan.  If you are not using Social Media, then you are missing out on a significant portion of your audience who use different Social Media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram in their every day lives.  Social Media is a primary source of information, entertainment, staying in touch with friends, family, and co-workers.  Facebook and LinkedIn are also used by most people within your target audience to ask about, research, and find the goods and services they require in real life.

A quality social media presence helps your business in two ways.  Social Media supports the word-of-mouth referrals you will receive by giving people places to go and information to read so they know you are a leader in your field.  Your social media channels will also expand your presence and expose your name and reputation to those who have not yet heard of you but are looking online for your services.  A Marketing Campaign utilizing popular sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest gives you a level of legitimacy and exposure previous available only to much larger organizations with million dollar budgets and access to old-school Madison Avenue advertising agencies.

Boxer Media will manage your Social Media Marketing campaign with the expertise and skill seen at a big agency within a budget reasonable for small or mid-sized business.


A blog is your opportunity to show the world that you are a thought-leader and expert in your field.  Blogging is a great way to enhance your public persona, build trust with your audience, and show the world that you do not need to be in a 5th Avenue corner office to have influence and set trends on the local and world stage. 


A blog is a personalized diary of thoughts and ideas related to your area of expertise that lives on your company or customized personal website.  The views expressed through your blog are topical and in-the-moment and are meant to build and support your reputation and, more importantly, your digital marketing campaign.


Along with expressing your ideas, a Blog is the best way to boost your Search Engine rankings.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed significantly over the last several years.  The most important things you can do for SEO is to have a mobile-responsive website that is properly structured, and have high-quality content uploaded to your site regularly.  Whether you need a weekly or monthly blog depends on your industry, business, and personal style.


At Boxer Media, our writers will find the voice that fits and will provide the high-quality content that boosts your reputation, builds trust, and helps your website rank better with the search engines.

Content Development

Content is King.  Every form of marketing you can utilize from your business cards, brochures, and website to media packets, print advertising, and even television and radio requires content.


Content delivers your message.  Not all content is the same.  Some forms of media, such as your website, will require more extended and detailed content.  Other types, such as your brochure, will need a more direct message.  Regardless of the media channel, Boxer Media will streamline your message with the high-quality content you need to attract new customers and clients and remind your current and past customers why they came to you in the first place.

Email Marketing

In the digital world, there is no form of marketing that is more efficient than email.  Email has one of the highest Return on Investment (ROI) ratios of any marketing tools available to businesses today.


Email marketing also has a lot of traps to be avoided.  You do not want to send out too much and cause fatigue.  You also do not want to send out too little and risk being forgotten.  The message you send directly to people's inboxes has to be relevant, efficient, engaging, and have a strong call-to-action.


Your digital marketing campaign will reap great benefits through the proper use of email marketing.  Boxer Media will manage your email marketing campaign to accentuate the amazing benefits it can provide and avoid the traps that hinder so many.

Get Ready

Be A Thought Leader

A quality blog will show off your knowledge and experience.  In your field, your opinion matters.  Show people that you are a leader in your field, not just another practitioner.

Be Easily Found Online

Most people get most of their new business through word-of-mouth.  After a referral, most people will try to find you online.  Be ready with up-to-date, high-quality content.

Be Accessible

Our society is more interactive now than ever.  People will reach out through social media for information.  If their messages are not reaching anyone, you will lose potential customers.

Be Ready

Content Marketing is a long-term strategy.  Content is not a quick fix to any issue.  It takes time to build a quality presentation. Over weeks and months, people will recognize that you are a leader in your field and ready for business.