Website Design

Your Website is the Virtual Front Door of your Business

Great Online Curb Appeal Attracts Visitors and Potential Customers

It is not enough to have a website.  Anyone can have a website.  For your business to succeed, your website has to be an active part of your marketing plan.   It also has to be configured and structured properly to be truly effective.  Your website has to not only attact potential customers, it also has to attract the search engines like Google and Bing.


Even if you receive most of your business through word-of-mouth, a great website is necessary to let people know you are serious about doing business and are a leader in your field.

A Great Website can Close the Deal Easier Than a Team of Salespeople.

Having a website that works for you is one of the most important business decisions you can make.  The best part is that you don't have to spend a fortune to get one that works.  There is an axiom that says, "having a website on its own might not make you a single nickel, but you have no idea how much business you have lost by not having one."


What does that mean?  It means that an online presence, with your website being the cornerstone, is essential to doing business.  Even if your referrals come from word-of-mouth, most people are going to go online to check you and your company out before calling.  When they find a professional and up-to-date website with great content and an active blog, they know that you are serious about your business.  If your site is old and out-of-date, or worse, if you don't have a website, chances are you are going to lose that referral and that business.


A great website shows legitimacy and shows that you are a leader in your field, and it will close the deal when it comes to those referrals.

A Properly Configured and Maintained Website Makes all of the Difference

What does it mean to have a website that is properly configured?  Most people have heard the phrase "Search Engine Optimizations," or "SEO."  Over the years there have been certain tricks and techniques that companies have used to get websites "on the front page of Google" and many companies spend thousands of dollars per month to these companies.  The problem is that Google and Bing know what these tricks are so they change the rules.  This forces these SEO companies to come up with new tricks.


Here is a secret to SEO:  There is no secret to it.


If you create a website that follows three very basic rules, you will get the exposure you need with the major search engines.  These rules are:

- Have a website that is structured properly.  Proper structure lets the search engines know what your website is about.


- Be mobile ready.  More than 80% of internet traffic is on a mobile device.  If you are not mobile responsive, the search engines will ignore you.


- Have a well-written content.  It is not enough to repeat your town and what you do all over your website.  Content needs to be well-written using language that is easy to read and easy to understand.  Seach engines have gotten extremely intelligent, you can use real language without those old school tricks SEO companies like to use.


Boxer Media is an online presence provider that will create a properly formatted, well-written, and great looking website.  We work on most common platforms depending on your preference.  If you do not have a preference, we will listen to your requirements and make the appropriate suggestions.  We have built and maintain websites on platforms such as MotoCMS, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace.

Boxer Media will create and manage a website that will work for you.  Your website is one of the most important parts of your over marketing plan, and is the cornerstone of your online presence.  All for a price point acceptable to small and medium-sized businesses.

Have a Great Website and Online Presence

Be A Thought Leader

Provide information about your company and services and new blog posts and content that shows that you are a leader in your field.

Be Easily Found Online

Most people do research online.  If they do not find you, they will find someone else.  You have no way of know how  much business you lost by not being easily found.

Be Accessible

A Website brings your message directly to people through a platform that allows them to see that you are serious about business and a leader in your field.

Be Ready

Most business owners say that their biggesr referral source is "word-of-mouth."  Even with that sort of personal referral, if they cannot find you online, changes are they will not call.